Make Your Bathroom Safe

Vancouver Handyman Services is the exclusive installer of Bathway tub to shower conversion products in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Bathway’s bathtub to shower conversion process transforms your existing bathtub into a safe and accessible walk in shower in just over an hour.

If you or a loved one is suffering from reduced mobility due to age, illness or a post-operative condition, a tub to shower conversion can provide added bathtub accessibility. A Bathway tub cut is the quick and economical alternative to achieving bathroom safety without a messy, disruptive and costly bathroom renovation.

Fast: Bathway’s unique tub cutting service converts your existing bathtub to a walk in shower in just over an hour.

Safe: A tub to shower conversion results in a safer, lower step-through opening to your tub, and helps provide peace of mind to loved ones.

Simple: The conversion process has no impact on your existing plumbing, floor or walls. We are simply cutting a section out of the wall of the tub and capping it with a threshold to finish it off.

Affordable: The Bathway tub to shower conversion process is a fraction of the cost of a bathroom renovation.

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